At RMoura you find an incredible variety: there are more than 350 items carefully selected and divided among spices, dried fruits, grains, baked goods, cereals, natural foods, acrylic jars, bird foods and feed inputs.

All our goods undergo strict control to offer our customers the best, at the lowest price.

Quality, variety and price you find here.

Present throughout the national territory

More than 350 representetives around this country, deeper knowlegde about products, offering training for the best customer service.

High pattern of quality for the storage

The special infrastructure includes refrigerated chamber, air conditioning warehouse, conveyours, pallets and structure for more than 2000 pallet door position, modern ventilation system, among other equipment used to maximize the usefull life and the high standart of commercialized goods.

The largest wholesale distributor and Importer of cereal zone

More than 6.000m² , the facilities are adequate and safe to garantee agile and efficient services, as well as the conservation of these products.

Huge variety of products

Offering a wide variety that includes more than 350 items carefully selected to meet the most demanding levels of demands garanteeing the high quality with the best service at the lowest cost.

Visit our facilities

Aproppriate structure to garantee the best costumer service.